What We Do.

We transform every civilian into a rescue worker.

Now, everyone can become a rescue worker in no time. We provide you with thereal-time opportunity to check if a child is reported as missing on your mobile phone.It is secure, quick and simple.

Groundbreaking Facial Recognition Technology

Our facial recognition technology is at the heart of our efforts. With its groundbreaking capabilities, we swiftly identify missing and trafficked children, significantly increasing their chances of rescue and reunification. By harnessing the power of artificial intelligence and image analysis algorithms, our system scans databases, compares facial features, and matches potential leads with an unprecedented level of accuracy and speed. Every moment counts when it comes to the safety and well-being of these children, and our technology ensures that no time is wasted.

Measuring Impact and Continuous Improvement

Rescue A Child is committed to transparency and accountability. We utilize data-driven approaches to measure our impact and continually assess the effectiveness of our programs. By monitoring and evaluating outcomes, we can make data-informed decisions, identify areas for improvement, and refine our strategies to ensure the most efficient use of resources.

A Self Sustainable Model

iRescue a Child is a self-sustainable model that generates revenue through diverse channels, following Blue ocean strategy which makes it’s competition irrelevant. These revenue streams sustain our mission of providing life-saving support to vulnerable children worldwide.

Our Reach.

Bringing love and hope to Families

iRescue-A-Child is an impactful initiative working against child trafficking, helping reunite families and save the lives of missing children with the help of AI-powered technology.
Our mission is to help identify missing children, reunite them with their families, and combat child trafficking through our easy-to-use app.

Helping Save Children from Trafficking & Exploitation

The success of this initiative relies on a multi-step process involving various stakeholders, including parents, law enforcement agencies, NGOs, and the active participation of the public.  Here is an overview of the entire process:

1. Identify missing children

The process begins with parents or guardians providing recent photographs of their missing children to the Rescue a Child program. These photos serve as the initial reference for identification purposes.

2. Collaboration

Once the photos are received, the Rescue a Child program collaborates closely with law enforcement agencies and reputable non-governmental organizations (NGOs) specializing in child protection. This collaboration facilitates the sharing of information and resources to maximize the chances of finding missing children.

3. App and Facial Recognition Technology

Using this technology, the provided photographs are analyzed and compared against databases of known missing children, recent sightings, and other relevant records. The app developed specifically for this purpose plays a crucial role in automating and streamlining this identification process.

4. Get involved

The involvement of the public is critical to the success of the Rescue a Child initiative. The program actively encourages individuals to report any potential sightings or relevant information related to missing children. This public participation can be done through the Rescue a Child app. The collective efforts of the community greatly increase the chances of locating missing children.

About US

Saving the future of our children, one child at a time

iRescue A Child is a powerful tool for reuniting missing children with their families and fighting child trafficking. Our easy-to-use app provides the necessary resources to identify and protect the youngest, most vulnerable members of our society.


iRescue-A-Child offers immediate identification capabilities. Our specialized app is designed to instantly compare and match photos of missing children with government databases or other sources.


We provide parents and families with the necessary resources to search for their missing children, connect with local law enforcement, and gain access to additional sources of help and support.

Hope, Support, and Justice

Rescue-A-Child safeguards victims, providing hope and support while ensuring access to justice. The technology acts as a powerful deterrent, disrupting traffickers and preventing future victimization.


We strive to raise public awareness and create a network of people and organizations to combat child trafficking. Our app will be a powerful tool for helping reunite missing children with their families and protecting them from harm.

Through our app, you can help locate and identify children who were reported missing and help them reunite with their families. Our vast data gathering capabilities and advanced technology allows us to cover wide areas and find missing children quickly and efficiently.
We are proud of the impact that our technology and services have had in reuniting families. Read customer stories or testimonials of how our app helped bring families back together. Learn how you too can make a difference.

See the impact that iRescue-A-Child has made so far. Get up-to-date statistics and data on the number of children identified and reunited with their families through our app. Join us in our mission to make a positive impact on the world. 

Our Impact

Making The World A Safer Place For Missing Children ​

By downloading the iRescue-A-Child app, you can make a difference in the fight against child trafficking. Join us in our mission to help locate, identify and reunite missing children with their families.

How To Help.

Ways you can help


Your donations will help us continue the important work of locating and reuniting missing children with their families. Every donation makes a difference so please contribute what you can.


We are always looking for volunteers to help us spread the word and bring awareness to the cause. Join our team and use your skills and experience to make a difference. 
How It Works

Saving Children Around the World with iRescue-A-Child

Match a Photo of a Child

Empower your community with the power to identify and report missing children. With iRescue-A-Child’s AI-powered facial recognition technology, you can quickly upload a photo of a child suspected of being trafficked, and our database will search for a match.

Connect with Government Authorities and other Entities

We partner with government authorities and other entities that are working to bring children home. Our partnerships give us the resources and information we need to help bring about a happy reunion.

Reunite Families

We have an extensive network of resources, from Child NGO's to schools, to enable citizens to report missing children and help bring them back home. With iRescue-A-Child, we are making the world a better place for vulnerable children—one reunited family at a time.

Who We Are.

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